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Syrian Family Links Initiative


Many members of the Syrian community in Canada want to sponsor their family members to come to Canada, but not all have the financial means*. At the same time, many Canadians want to sponsor a refugee, but do not know a specific refugee to sponsor.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) partnered with Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS) to help reunite members of the Syrian community in Canada with family members who are refugees but do not have the means to sponsor them.

Given the ongoing crisis in Syria, the response to this program has been overwhelming. Every effort is being made to match refugees with sponsors and to reunite family members. In spite of these efforts, the number of Syrian refugees who are registered for this program greatly exceeds the number of available sponsors.

As of May 16, 2016, Catholic Crosscultural Services will stop accepting new registrations from Syrian family members in Canada as they turn their efforts to matching more sponsors with these refugees.

Potential sponsors will still be able to register so they can be matched with Syrian refugees.

*Quebec is responsible for its own Private Sponsorship of Refugee program. If you are from Quebec, contact the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion.


The Syrian Family Links Initiative (SFLI) is a program that enables Syrian Canadian citizens and permanent residents living in Canada (excluding Quebec) to identify their refugee family members residing in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey as prospective refugees who could be sponsored by Canadian sponsorship groups.

Some members of the Syrian community in Canada want to bring their family members to Canada but may not have the financial means to be a sponsor through the Private Sponsorship Program. At the same time, there are sponsorship groups in Canada who are ready to sponsor Syrian refugees but don’t know specific refugee(s) they could sponsor. This program will assist by connecting these two groups.

Please note the refugee family members must be living in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey, and  it is important that they fulfill the refugee requirements in their current country of refuge in order to obtain an exit visa.

If you are a sponsoring group ready to sponsor Syrian refugees, click the link below to register as a prospective sponsoring group. In order to be matched, a sponsoring group is required to be located in the same community as the family link in Canada.

The referring family members in Canada and the sponsorship groups will be contacted when an appropriate match is identified or if additional information is required.  Once matched, the two parties will connect to work out a sponsorship arrangement that meets the needs of all involved. Within 45 days, a Private Sponsorship of Refugee application will be submitted. The application will be processed in the same manner as other PSR applications.

Visit for additional information on private sponsorship of refugees.

Information submitted through this website does not constitute a sponsorship application to Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada. The information submitted through this website will be used for sponsorship matching purposes only.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at